Monday the 29th of June – P2/3 Home Learning

Monday the 29th of June –  Primary 2/3 Home Learning
Get Ready for the day ahead
Daily Check In/ Registration   
We will have our final virtual playground on Friday at 10am. This will be a quick hello followed by a short quiz.  
Question of the day: Who is your favourite storybook character?  
Send a selfie with your ideas or email your ideas to: Aine.o’
Fun Challenge of the week (optional)
This Week our fun activity is P2/3 Strictly Come Dancing.
I know from all our talent shows we have some excellent dancer and dance moves in our class.
Send a video of your best moves to the email address.  
Health and Wellbeing    
Whole school challenge
Literacy- Ms O’Shea need your help!  
As you all know, very soon Ms O’Shea and her husband are going to become and Mummy and Daddy.
We have never been a Mummy and Daddy before, and we are very excited but a little bit nervous. I was hoping you could help.
Please write down three tips, or bits of advice for what you think helps someone be a really good parent. These could be qualities, things a good parent does or things we should try to remember to do.
 Numeracy- khan academy
Log on to Khan academy and start engaging with the fun content. From the teacher screen it looks really fun. Don’t worry if some of the questions feel a bit easy to start, it should adapt quickly.
Class code: SD5NHEDM
Art and Design- All about me
This week we are going to be completing an all about me for you to give to your new teacher.
I want you to think carefully about what is important to you and what you would like your new class teacher to know about you.
Take some time to come up with headings that you think will help your teacher get to know you.
Remember take your time, you don’t need to get it finished today so spend time planning what you would like it to say and look like.
Note for adults: I will post a template for this but feel free to let your child make their own. They may find it more engaging to work on their own design.  
Have you registered?  Please send a photo of some completed work to the above email address, I’d love to add lots to our work to be proud of.

Join the Conversation


  1. Morning
    My favourite storybook character is Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. She is very clever and always knows how to help her friends.


  2. Good afternoon my favourite character just now is Jasmine I’m trying to be the book myself just now. Im finding it a bit hard but fun mummy is helping me when I get stuck on a word kerrigan


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