Thursday the 25th of June – P2/3 Home Learning

Thursday the 25th of June –  Primary 2/3 Home Learning
Breakfast  Get Ready for the day ahead
Daily Check In/ Registration   
Question: What is your favourite pudding of all time? Send a selfie with your ideas or email your ideas to:
Fun Challenge of the week (optional)
Last week we had a fantastic suggestion for how to add a bit of fun to the last two weeks of p2/3. So this week we will be having the GREAT MILTON BAKE OFF. You can make anything at all, you can get a little help from grown ups. To enter your creation you will need to give it a name and send me the recipe for how you made it and a photo of the end result.
Health and Wellbeing    
Whole school challenge
Literacy- film studies  
How does the little boy feel right before he goes down the slide? Look at the video and say what tells you how he is feeling?
0:37: When he gets up from the ball pit, does it look like a nice place to be?
1.46: The music changes here a little bit, why do you think it changes?
1:59: Why does he put the lollypop in his mouth? Was the deep ball bit bottom really there? What makes you think that?  
Follow up task: Draw or write what you would like to find at the bottom of the ball bit.
 Numeracy- khan academy Log on to Khan academy and start engaging with the fun content. From the teacher screen it looks really fun. Don’t worry if some of the questions feel a bit easy to start, it should adapt quickly. Class code: SD5NHEDM I will be really interested to know your thoughts on Khan academy at the end of the week.
Art and Design- Secret mission Please ensure your portrait is dropped off at the mercat.  
Art and design- origami turtle  
This is a very tough one!
Have you registered?  Please send a photo of some completed work to the above email address, I’d love to add lots to our work to be proud of.

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  1. Morning,
    My favourite pudding of all time is sticky toffee pudding with ice cream.
    From Isla


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