Monday the 22nd of June- P2/3 Home Learning

Monday the 22nd of June –  Primary 2/3 Home Learning
Breakfast  Get Ready for the day ahead
Daily Check In/ Registration   
Question: What are you most looking forward to about your summer holidays?
Send a selfie with your ideas or email your ideas to: Aine.o’  
There will be no virtual playground today, this will happen later in the week and I’m hoping to organise a quiz/game for it.  
Note for parents: I have appointments today, so if I am a bit slower to respond to emails please be patient and know I will be picking them all up as soon as I can.
Fun Challenge of the week (optional)
Last week we had a fantastic suggestion for how to add a bit of fun to the last two weeks of p2/3. So this week we will be having the GREAT MILTON BAKE OFF.
You can make anything at all and you can get a little help from grown ups.
To enter your creation you will need to give it a name and send me the recipe for how you made it and a photo of the end result.
Health and Wellbeing    
Whole school challenge
Literacy- Film Studies
This week we are going to be doing film studies for our literacy work. The films are not like ones you would go and see in the cinema, they are shorter and sometimes have a message or moral for the audience.
Even though they are short, there is still lots to think about.   Questions for discussion:
What makes a good film?
What are your favourite films and why?
You can either write or discuss your answers
 Numeracy- khan academy
For a change this week we will use Khan Academy.
Today, all you need to do is sign in.  
Please go to the website and log in using the class code: SD5NHEDM
I will be really interested to know your thoughts on Khan academy at the end of the week.
Art and Design- Secret mission
If you’ve not finished your secret mission, remember it needs to be at the Mercat by the 24th of June.
For those of you who are finished:
Art and Design- origami
This week we will be trying our hand at some origami.
When we have tried tasks like this in the classroom before, the boys and girls have been FANTASTIC so I’m excited to see how these turn out.
Have you registered?  Please send a photo of some completed work to the above email address, I’d love to add lots to our work to be proud of.

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  1. Morning im looking forward to im looking forward to seen my granny’s and grandads more because we can’t really go anywhere else right now. Kerrigan


  2. Morning,
    Im looking forward to playing outside all day and hopefully getting my swimming pool out
    From Isla


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